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SNAP at the ABFM

The ABFM accepts SNAP benefits. Use your EBT card and SNAP account to buy fresh, local foods at the market every Sunday during the ABFM season. Come to the ABFM stall at market to learn more about SNAP at the ABFM.


  • Bring your EBT card to the ABFM stall.
  • Decide how much you want to spend at the market, and then tell a staff person you want to use your SNAP benefits.
  • Swipe your EBT card and enter your PIN number, and a staff person will enter the amount you request.
  • Once the transaction is approved, you’ll be given a receipt and ABFM SNAP Market Moolah vouchers to spend at the market.
  • Shop for eligible foods, using the SNAP Moolah vouchers like cash.
  • Note that vendors are not allowed to give change from the vouchers.
  • ABFM SNAP Moolah vouchers don’t expire, and can be used at market the same day or another market day.
  • You may return unused vouchers for a refund to your EBT account.


Eligible for Purchase with SNAP:
Foods for household members to eat, such as: vegetables and fruits; fish and meat; dairy products; breads; grains and cereals; baked goods; nuts; pasta; condiments. Also eligible are plants that will produce food for household members to eat (for example, tomato plants, raspberry plants, herbs, etc.).

Not Eligible for Purchase with SNAP:
non-food items; any food that is served hot or ready-to-eat (i.e., on a plate or not wrapped to go); alcoholic beverages; pet foods; ornamental (inedible) vegetables, such as gourds or ornamental corn


Formerly known as the federal Food Stamp program, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) helps people with low incomes purchase food for themselves and their families.

Whether you live alone or not, whether you have children or not, it’s sometimes hard to pay all the bills and still have enough left over for good, nutritious food. Finding affordable fresh produce can be especially challenging. Using SNAP benefits at the farmers market can really help.

People may think they’re not eligible for
SNAP because they’re working or are not on welfare. You don’t have to be receiving welfare benefits to be eligible, and even if you’re working you may qualify. It all depends on your income, how much money you have saved, and the number of people in your household. If you meet the guidelines, you can get SNAP benefits.

As a SNAP participant, you’re given an account and a plastic card called the Mass EBT card. Each month, your SNAP benefits are deposited into your account. You can use your EBT card at grocery stores, farmers markets, co-ops, and convenience stores. The EBT card is used to buy food in the same way a bank debit card or a credit card would be used.


Want to sign up for SNAP?

Apply online:

Apply in person:
Acton Town Hall, 472 Main Street, Acton. See Laura Ducharme, Acton Community Services Coordinator. Email her at or call 978.929.6651


Department of Transitional Assistance, 131 Davidson Street, Lowell. 978.446.2400. Hours: 7am–5pm, Monday–Friday

SNAP Hotline: 1.866.950.FOOD (3663)

SNAP Retail Locator:
Find retailers near you — in addition to ABFM — that welcome SNAP customers.

Other Food Resoures

Acton Food Pantry
235 Summer Road, Boxborough, MA, Building #1, Lower Level;
hours: Wednesdays, 10am–7pm; closed 4th week of month
978.635.9295 • email:

Services are free, but registration is required. At the first visit, please bring a current driver’s license, utility bill, or rental lease with your
address to prove residency in Acton or a
bordering town.

WIC Supplemental Nutrition Program
Food program for pregnant women, mothers with infants, and children under five.

Project Bread FoodSource Hotline
FoodSource Hotline counselors provide information about food resources in your community, and about public programs, meal sites for the elderly, Meals On Wheels programs, salvage food distribution sites, and other programs that offer free or low-cost food.

Concept credits: USDA,
Stock photo: DG Communications