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It's time! Get it on your calendar . . .

ABFM Opening Day

June 11


Welcome to Season 9!

Please join us on Pearl Street at 9:55am for opening remarks by Senator Jamie Eldridge, followed by the 10am opening bell and the wonderful offerings of our vendors, artisan, musician, and community table . . . as well as the pleasure of your friends and neighbors!

And an important request:

As Season 9 of the ABFM begins, we are so pleased that this little Pearl Street adventure has become a community institution to which many people look forward each year. Indeed, that was part of our hope in launching it! We are mindful that next year will be our 10th anniversary of "promoting good food, supporting sustainable agriculture, and building community."

It takes many, many hands to make this all work. To begin with, our vendors are WONderful! We appreciate the role the Town of Acton and its staff have played in helping the ABFM succeed. We are grateful to our ABFM Partners and Sponsors, who make much of what we do possible. The market literally would not happen without our set-up, breakdown, and other volunteers. And we celebrate all the interested and generous market-goers that support the market and its various strands of activity, and tell their friends about it.

The ABFM was launched in 2009, though the planning work for it began in 2008. A core group of folks (our Board) has always done most of the planning, coordination, communication, and execution — the many tasks that happen not only at market, but behind the scenes. This core group began with eight people; we are now four (Jenn, Missy, Kennett, and Debra). And some truth-telling here: though we have asked broadly (as we're doing in this eblast), and personally (asking individuals we thiknk might be interested), we've had a difficult time recruiting new people to come on board, especially for that behind-the-scenes stuff.

To date, we've successfully recruited a few great volunteers to train and work as part of the market manager team on Sundays, and a couple of really wonderful folks to help with bookkeeping, and with coordination of artisans and performers. Big thanks to these folks!

But some more truth-telling: those of us who have been at this for all (or much) of these 10 years have contributed our skills and many thousands of hours to its success, and are getting a little toasted around the edges. We love the market and want it to continue for many years to come. And we really need more people to help this happen. 

There are multiiple needs and several ways to become involved in the ABFM. You might begin by volunteering to become a market manager, or take on some discrete tasks related to promotion/publicity or vendor management or coordination of other market participants. We encourage you to think about your skills and interests, and get in touch with us [contact Missy, our Volunteer Coordinator:].

We are asking you to consider whether the future of the ABFM is important to you, and to step up (rather than assume that someone else will do it).

Please help the ABFM to continue fulfilling its multiple missions: to "showcase local sustainable agriculture and promote organic practices; to educate the public on food and agriculture topics; to provide for direct, informed relationships between farmers and consumers; and to benefit local farmers and the local economy, as well as public health, community vitality, and regional environmental and economic sustainability."

Thank you!



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